In 1986, Gary Adler opened Adler Windows, a New York window contractor specializing in installations and repairs. After working in sales, engineering and project management roles for a competing window company, Gary had acquired the skills, expertise, and knowledge required to launch his very own business.

The company was first headquartered in Lynbrook, New York, yet after numerous expansions and relocations, Adler Windows made Jamaica, Queens their home in 2007. In the same year, Gary’s son, Ross Adler, joined the firm as VP of Sales and Marketing.  At the time, Adler Windows had 13 employees and mostly depended on word-of-mouth for projects. Ross had the vision to expand the company’s customer database while maintaining the highly reputable reputation for five-star customer service and quality.

Adler Windows began with offering clients a greater range of products, more than any other window company in the City.  In turn, this allowed Adler Windows to tackle specialized projects, including historical renovations and custom installations. To support the heavier workload, the company hired more employees and trained them on the specifications of the windows, doors and New York City specialized installation techniques. Adler Windows’ continued to invest in those who shared the same values, beliefs, and dreams as they do. Within the last ten years, the company has grown from 13 to over 100 employees.

Adler Windows celebrated it’s the 30th Anniversary in June 2016, with the opening of its second location, a deluxe Manhattan Showroom located at 350 7th Avenue. The showroom which is accessible by appointment only was a natural step for the company due to the high demand of New York City projects. The new metropolitan abode features a wide assortment of full-size functioning windows and doors, it also boasts a large conference space that is used to host numerous AIA accredited seminars, networking events and design meetings.