Our Experts Answer The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Replacing Windows In NYC

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You asked and we listened…The Adler Windows experts answer everything you have wanted to know about window replacement projects in New York City.

Q. What are NYC replacement windows?

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Ross Adler, President:New York City replacement windows are custom built windows constructed to fit exactly where your old window used to reside. These windows are built to fit perfectly so that the exterior and interior of your property will not suffer any damage during installation. Numerous areas and properties in the city are protected under the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC), where by law all renovations within these areas must be approved and must coordinate with the rules of the LPC. To learn more on this check out our post; Everything You Need To Know About Windows and NYC’s Landmark Preservation Commission.”

Q. What are the advantages to custom made windows over pre-made windows?

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Brian Kaley, Senior Sales Associate: “Ordering custom windows allows our clients to possess the option to design their own windows exactly how they dreamt of them. Custom windows are made to fit a window opening precisely, meaning that the installation process is far more seamless. Although pre-made windows may cost less up front, they often require additional expenses such as the addition of siding for installation. These costs add up and quite often make pre-made windows the more expensive option overall. Custom made windows allow you the flexibility to design the window to meet your specifications, both visually and structurally, while also making your property more energy efficient as there will not be any gaps around the window for air infiltration. The advantages for custom made windows easily outweighs those of pre-made windows.”

Q. Will custom made replacement windows really lower my energy bills and costs?

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Kevin Kenny, Sales Associate: “If you choose to install high-quality energy efficient windows you will benefit from maximum savings. Energy efficient windows lower your utility costs by decreasing drafts and preventing air escaping from your property. By lowering the amount of leaked air, your replacement windows will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Using less energy to cool and heat your home means that you are using less natural resources. Not only will you be saving money on heating bills but you will also reduce the amount of time spent processing those resources that are harmful to the environment.  According to the 2016 Energy Efficient Windows Market Report, the improved building structures of energy efficient windows have helped to reduce cooling and heating costs by 16% and 23% respectively. Win win all year round!”

Q. What are the other advantages to installing new custom made windows?

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Hugo Ramirez, Business Development Director: “One of the most neglected advantages to replacing your windows with NYC custom windows is that the value of your property will instantly increase which also increases your resale value.  Reports have shown that custom made replacement windows rank in the top 5 returns on investments when comparing home improvement projects”

Consult the Adler Windows team to discuss more advantages you can receive by investing in our custom New York City replacement windows!