Your 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered

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You asked and we listened…Your top window replacement and installation questions answered by the Adler experts.


1. What are the advantages to custom made windows over pre-made windows?

Ordering custom-made windows allow our clients to possess the option to design their own windows exactly how they envisioned of them. Custom windows are made to fit a window opening precisely, meaning that the installation process is far more seamless. Although pre-made windows may cost less up front, they often require additional expenses such as the addition of siding for installation. These costs add up and quite often make pre-made windows the more expensive option overall. Custom made windows allow you the flexibility to design the window to meet your specifications, both visually and structurally, while also making your property more energy efficient as there won’t be any gaps around the window for air infiltration. The advantages for custom made windows easily outweighs those of pre-made windows.

2. Will replacement windows really lower my energy bills and costs?
If you choose to install high-quality and energy efficient windows you will benefit from maximum savings. Energy efficient windows lower your utility costs by preventing air from escaping, this results in your building being kept cool in summer and warm in winter.

3. My building is in a landmarked district. Does this make a difference to the type of windows?

Yes, in most landmarked buildings, the window sash, window frame and the architectural detail surrounding the windows, were carefully designed as integral components of the style, scale, and character of a building.  If your building is located within a landmarked district and renovations must be approved by The New York City Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC).  All visible windows in a landmarked building must retain the configuration, operation, details, material, and finish of an original window, as well as maintaining the size of the openings, sills, decorative moldings and the sash itself.

4. How do I know if I live in a landmarked district?

It is very simple – visit the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission website and search your address.  If your building is in a highlighted zone, it is located in a landmarked district.

5. What are Passive House windows and what are the benefits?

The majority of energy conserving windows fall into the category of double glazed. However, Passive House has developed windows that boast three panes of glass, this significantly increases insulating power while using 90% less energy than conventional buildings. High performing windows as such, are a vital aspect in the revolutionary approach to sustainable design as they are extremely insulated and airtight.