Window Replacement and Installation; Retrofit Vs Brick To Brick

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As New Yorks premier window installation company we offer two types of window installation services; Retrofit and Brick To Brick. With the major increase in Retrofit installations we thought it was important to share with you the pro’s and con’s of each.


Retrofit installation involves removing an existing window pane and replacing it with a new one. The window frame remains untouched which ultimately makes this installation process quicker, easier and cheaper than alternative methods. With no damage being made to the exterior the character and style of your original window remains. Replacing old windows via Retrofit installation allows for the addition of new insulation and also seals air leaks, making your windows more energy efficient.

Brick To Brick:

Brick To Brick installation is best suited to large scale projects such as full renovations. This method requires the removal of the entire window including the window frame, thus making it an expensive, time consuming and messy form of installation. Brick To Brick is usually recommended when a building is less than 60 years old as many older buildings will rely on the window frame for support. The benefits however include ones ability to change their window design to match the interior and exterior of their property.

With the major advantages of being a more affordable, cleaner and quicker installation method, it is clear why Retrofit is becoming the more popular form of window installation amongst NYC’s busy occupants.