Why You Should Choose Steel Windows

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An all American steel window manufacturer has revolutionized the construction industry by offering the most comprehensive line of steel fire rated windows. For more than 30 years Optimum Window have been producing stainless steel, bronze, and aluminum windows through their philosophy of creative ingenuity, revamped engineering and phenomenal customer service. The company continues to grow and evolve by producing a number of custom made high-tech metal window and door systems, all of which are designed for commercial, high end residential and landmark applications. 


Adler Windows and Optimum Windows work closely with Architects who require custom designs for their applications. We aim to bring performance and structural excellence together with beauty and style. All of Optimums products are custom made from 100% recycled steel and recycled aluminum. As they aim to constantly improve their manufacturing technique, Optimum uses a new computerized machinery for cutting, welding and punching, ensuring that every product they produce holds inherent strength and durability. 


Along with steel windows, energy efficiency is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry. Optimum Window has raised the bar once again by producing products made from recycled materials, applying advanced environmentally friendly paint finishes and using new gasket technology. Optimum understands the importance of maintaining structural integrity and the Architects project vision. Optimum’s Metro series offers the latest thermal technologies that are becoming more and more important with the increasing popularity of energy efficiency. 

Check out Optimum’s window and door series below and find your perfect fit. 

Fire Rated: UL Approved

The Fire Rated series is comprised of either cold it hot rolled recycled steel. After going through the process of galvanizing and a seven stage pre treatment, Optimum offer a 10-year warranty on the finish and glazing from 3/16″ to 11/4″ thickness.

Available Models

UL Approved

Flex: Durable & Slimmer: Thermally & Non-Thermally Broken

The Flex series used cold rolled steel, features a flush exterior and glazing up to 11/2″. It is the only range to offer two options, non-thermally broken and medium style thermally broken systems.

Available Models

Durable and Slimmer

Reliant: Classic & Modern: Fully Welded

The Reliant series offers both reliability and versatility which makes this range popular for high-end residential, commercial and industrial applications. The narrow sight-lines allows for immense light – this range offers a unique style which is quickly becoming optimums distinctive look. Available in hot rolled steel and glazing from 1/4″ to 13/8″.

Available Models

classic & modern

Metro Series: Light & Versatile: Powder-Coated Aluminum     

Optimum have been the leading manufacturer in Tilt & Turn Windows and Doors for the last 16 years. The Metro Series utilizes the latest thermal technologies such as insulated struts, otherwise known as thermal break.

  • Tilt & Turn
  • Aluminum
  • Up to 1” Insulated Glass

Available Models

Light & Versatile

Add value to your next project with energy efficient steel windows by Optimum Window, installed by the experts of Adler Windows.  Competitively priced and produced in a timely manner Adler and Optimum work together to make your vision a reality.  Steel Windows are cutting costs and adding value to projects through the high level of energy efficiency that they offer. To learn more about the benefits of steel windows contact New York’s premier window installation company,  Adler Windows, today!