When Should You Replace Your Old Windows?

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Repairing old windows can become costly and a rather time-consuming endeavor. Many old windows are cracked, rotted and just not that energy efficient. Trying to repair them may become a bigger hassle than simply replacing the windows with the help of a window replacement company.

Replacing windows with the help of a window replacement company has become a cheap and more efficient option. With advances in technology and the manufacturing process, the price of replacing windows has decreased dramatically over the years. You can replace old wooden windows with new vinyl,   fiberglass, metal or new wood windows. These newer windows can also be extremely energy efficient, slashing heating and cooling costs by around 25 percent. You also can receive a tax credit if you’re installing certain energy efficient windows. Alongside the benefits of cost and energy efficiency, the aesthetics of your house will improve significantly. With clean modern windows, the house will be a lot more appealing for the outside and the inside.

If your old windows have any of the following, you should probably consider replacing rather than repairing.

–    The glass is broken or cracked
–    You are unable to move the upper or lower sash
–    The muntins, the bar or a strip of wood or metal separating and hold the panes of glass, are rotting or splitting.
–    Missing or brittle putty or other adhesive that holds the glass pains to the muntins.
–    The drip, an exterior shield that’s above the window, is missing or rotting.
–    The trim is loose, cracked, rotting or altogether missing from the exterior window.
–    Water leakage that is becoming excessive.