What You Need To Know About Casement Windows

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Welcome to the first in our new series about window styles. Over the coming weeks, we will take a closer look at what you need to know about the world’s most popular styles of windows.

Casement windows soared to popularity in Europe during late 19th-century but nowadays they can be spotted throughout New York City’s five boroughs. Casements are hinged on the side of the frame, in one or more places and can either swing inwards or outwards depending on the desired style.  These windows have become increasingly popular in modern and contemporary architecture. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages that Casement Windows have to offer…

Enhanced Security

Casement windows more often than not have hook shaped locks embedded within the frame, making them very difficult to pick, destroy, or break into.

Easily Operated

This style of window is ideal for hard to reach places as the handle can be positioned at the bottom of the frame. Ideal for above a cabinet or high up in a bathroom.

Energy Efficient 

Casement windows are the second most energy efficient window style after fixed windows. They close tightly and lock at multiple points to produce an airtight seal. This prevents the cold weather infiltrating your home when temperatures begin to drop.

Enhanced Views

If you want amazing views, or prefer a simpler look, casement windows give you the option to forego muntins. With dual-sash casement windows, there is only one strip that is placed between the two sashes, with single-sash casements there are none.  This creates a contemporary and modern look while also enhancing the stunning views of New York City.


Unlike most windows that can only open half way, casement’s can open to any angle allowing for full ventilation.


Overall, Casement Windows are a great choice for property owners looking for windows that offer multiple benefits from energy efficiency to increased security. If casement windows sound like the right choice for you, make an appointment to visit the Adler Windows showroom where you will meet with our team of experts and explore your options!


Photo Credit: Marvin Windows and Doors