What to Keep in Mind when looking for Window Repair in Manhattan

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Apartments that are located in New York City will eventually need their windows repaired or replaced. From the weather to water damage, there are lots of reasons that your windows might need improvement. You’ll need to review all of your options before choosing a company to handle your window repair in Manhattan.
Easy Solutions for Improving Thermal Performance

Depending on the amount of work that is needed, there are easy solutions that can be used to improve a window’s thermal performance. One solution that is available is a passive improvement, which is achieved by installing blinds on the exterior of the home, an exterior awning, or planting trees. A second solution is a window repair, which can include any paint removal that is needed, replacement of window putty, and the replacement of panes that are broken. Another solution is to add window insulation, which is done by using caulk that is added between window jambs that are on the exterior of the home.

Complex Solutions for Improving Thermal Performance

When easy solutions are not an option, other more complex solutions can be used. One solution for you to consider is to add a window film, which can be used to reduce that amount of solar heat coming into the home. Thin panes of glass can be replaced with thicker panes–a good option when your home is an older style that includes double-hung windows. Old glass in a window can also be replaced with glass that is newer, Low-E (Low Emissivity, which keeps in radiant heat and reflects infrared heat) to reduce solar heat. Single-pane glass can also be replaced with double-pane glass for older wooden windows. Installing interior storm windows is also an option.

Making Your Windows Watertight

Examination of the window sash is done to ensure that is fits tightly to the jamb; there should no gaps of air between the sash and the jamb. Glazing compound needs to be applied around the rabbet of your window sash to create a seal for the glass and the compound is also applied to the top of the glass to complete the seal. Existing caulking needs to be removed from the jambs and the surface of exterior walls and then new caulk needs to be applied. Another option is to add weatherstripping between all of the rails and jambs. A metal window should have all the rust or signs of weatherstripping removed before applying new caulking.

With some idea of what makes the most sense for your apartment, getting the help of window repair experts will be an easy process.