Universal Windows; Historic Character, Modern Efficiency.

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At Adler Windows, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring you the best products at the best possible prices. We work only with the top window and door manufacturers in the country to find the best fenestration products to suit your needs. Whether you are replacing hundreds of windows in an NYC Landmark District, restoring a luxury townhouse, or installing a small number of new  windows in your new Manhattan townhouse, our manufacturer, Universal Window and Door will make your vision a reality.

Universal Window and Door Series 400 Double Hung Windows
Universal Window and Door Series 400 Double Hung Windows

For almost 50 years, Universal Window and Door have been designing and manufacturing customized aluminum windows that restore the original splendor of historic buildings while combining energy efficient technology. They have won 15 awards for their innovative products, all of which are produced in-house in their Massachusetts factory.

As Universals primary focus is aluminum products, all of their windows and doors are lightweight, strong, durable, noncorrosive and easily structured into complex shapes required for historic replication and custom window design. Aluminum windows also have a tendency to last many years longer than alternative window materials, along with requiring little maintenance. While they specialize in five colors – Black, Green, Ivory, White and Dark Bronze, Universal has the ability to produce a wide range custom colors which meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2603, 2604 and 2605 paint specifications by using PPG architectural coatings.  Their use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery ensures the highest level of quality control in producing consistent high performing products time and time again.


Universal Window and Door offer a great range of products including the traditional Double Hung, Casement, Single Hung and Sliding windows. They also produce their award-winning Series 700 Steel Replica Windows which offer increased energy efficiency from a new technology; TrueWARM. TrueWARM is a patented technology utilized to assure unprecedented energy savings through new low transmission materials at the critical edge seal area of multi-layered glass. Complementing this new technology is Universals Super Spacer Standard, a flexible organic foam warm edge spacer. Its polymer EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) is well-known in the industry for its excellent resistance to ozone, weathering, water, and aging, while maintaining its flexibility through wide changes in both temperature and barometric pressure.

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