Top Window Trends In NYC’s Luxury Real Estate

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The year may be only halfway through, but we are already noticing some clear trends within the high-end residential sector of the fenestration industry. Influenced by shifting tastes and a new interest in the energy efficiency of a home’s fenestration, these trends are about to explode.

Making A Statement With Steel Windows 

Adler Window’s supplied and installed Optimum steel windows and doors throughout 65 Irving Place.

This industrial element added to an otherwise traditional space creates a cool contrast. The thin steel framing of glass allows more light to flood throughout your home and can work as a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Through their philosophy of creative ingenuity, revamped engineering, and phenomenal customer service, Optimum Window has revolutionized the construction industry with their line of Steel Windows.

Through the use of new computerized machinery for cutting, welding, and punching, Optimum offers the most comprehensive line of steel and fire rated windows ensuring that every product they produce holds inherent strength and durability.

Crossing Over To The Dark Side

Adler Windows is proud to be Marvin’s largest supplier and certified installer in NYC.

It’s not a color, it’s an attitude. As trends in interiors move toward sleek and contemporary designs, one of our top vendors, Marvin Windows and Doors, expands options for creating striking looks with their new Designer Black painted interior finish. Bold and sophisticated, the Designer Black finish offers elegance with an edge. While it is ideal for contemporary design, the bold color makes a strong statement in any design style. Many homeowners seek to coordinate finishes and hardware in matching colors to create a streamlined look in kitchens, baths and throughout the home.

Accordingly, Marvin created Designer Black to complement its Matte Black finish option for window and door hardware introduced in 2016. Part of the Contemporary Studio collection, the reflection-free matte black hardware allows the lines and form of each piece to stand out, turning each pull, crank, lock and hinge into an architectural sculpture.

Go Big Or Go Home 

The Adler team working hard at 150 Wooster Street.

The bigger the window, the better. Let the light shine through with large, beautiful windows. It has become increasingly popular to have large windows that integrate the outdoors with a home’s concept, especially when the view is New York City

Additionally, as you will allow more natural light into your home you won’t have to turn on your lights until it gets dark, which will save you money on your electricity bills. Popular styles like large casement windows or sliding windows are also becoming more popular as well. We are currently installing large oversized windows throughout the 8 story boutique condominium at 150 Wooster.

The Passive House Initiative

The passive house approach captures a thorough understanding of a building’s science. Buildings contribute to an overwhelming share of greenhouse gas emissions in New York City – an estimated total of 75%. It is essential for us New Yorkers to cut down on building energy consumption in an attempt to reduce the worst effects of climate change. There are six key methods to creating a passive house structure;

  • High-performance windows and doors with well-insulated frames
  • A super-insulated building facade, with a continuous insulation layer all the way around the building shell.
  • Thermal bridge free construction: requires careful detailing to minimize the weaknesses in the building envelope where heat can pass from interior to exterior or vice versa.
  • An airtight building envelope with meticulous attention to all connection details and use of the appropriate sealing materials to ensure airtight junctions.
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery or heat and energy recovery to supply a constant stream of fresh air and/or exhaust the stale air without losing heat in winter or adding heat in summer.
  • Use of the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) software to model a building’s energy losses and gains.

One Passive House manufacturer, Zola Windows, are located in Europe and thus all products have to be shipped over exclusively for us. The majority of energy conserving windows fall into the category of double glazed. However, Zola has developed windows that boast three panes of glass, this significantly increases insulating power while using 90% less energy than conventional buildings. High performing windows as such, are a vital aspect of the revolutionary approach to sustainable design as they are extremely insulated and airtight.

Overall the dominant pattern is to select windows that let in more light and make a home seem and more spacious, along with choosing products that will have a positive effect on a household’s energy spending. So not only do they look good, they do good.