The Interesting Side of Window Repair in Manhattan

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Sure, window replacement companies spend most of their time dealing with ambitious couples looking to engage in home improvement projects and restoration of older homes. But what about the fluke incidences in which something just goes wrong, and a perfectly good window gets broken?

BBs, Baseballs, and Birds
So, what else requires window repair in Manhattan? As humorous as it sounds, birds are one of the biggest culprits of broken or damaged windows. It’s been reported that approximately a billion birds strike windows in the United States each year; of those, about half do significant damage. A window replacement company may deal with this relatively often, but the public rarely realizes that birds striking windows can actually be a major concern. Have you ever wondered why birds have such a hard time differentiating windows from sky? Here’s your answer: they can’t! Because of the shape of birds’ eyes, they physically cannot see glass. As a result of this, more than 225 species of birds have been documented flying into windows.

Why else would someone need to call a window replacement company? As I’m sure you can imagine, sports balls of all shapes and sizes have a real knack for making their way through the fragile glass of windows around the world. In Rehoboth, Massachusetts in 2007, a woman suing a local country club had collected 1,800 golf balls that had broken windows or damaged her property. Her home was hit so often with stray golf balls that her landscapers took necessary precautions by wearing hard-hats!

Although there are more stringent restrictions nowadays, BBs are still one of the main causes of broken windows. Both in Texas and Missouri in early 2011, a string of broken windows was connected to the use of BB and pellet guns. Although they were formerly considered harmless children’s toys, A Christmas Story’s classic warning – “You’ll shoot your eye out!!” – should perhaps be altered to the more realistic and common threat “You’ll shoot the window out!”

Unfortunately, living in a jam-packed city means you’ll have an almost constant supply of threats to your intact windows. Whether it’s neighborhood kids playing with their new Red Ryder BB gun, the next aspiring Tiger Woods practicing his backswing off the roof, or a befuddled blue-jay barreling straight into your 7th-story window, there’s no shortage of needs for window repair in Manhattan!