Get The 411 On Passive House Windows

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*Architectural Rendering: Adler Windows is currently installing Passive House windows at 60 White Street, New York City. 

Adler Windows exhaustive line up of window and door manufacturers ensures they have an outstanding solution for every project they undertake. Whether it’s replacing old windows in a historic landmark, or installing new windows in a luxury condominium, Adler Windows has you covered.

Windows suitable for Passive House construction have been added to Adler’s impressive list of products that already includes; wood, aluminum, custom-made, bronze and steel windows, but to name a few. ” There has been an increasing demand for Passive House Windows in both commercial and residential markets. Bringing on Zola as one of our vendors was a perfect fit as they are the leading manufacturer of Passive House windows in the U.S. ” – Ross Adler, President of Adler Windows.

Passive House is a rapidly emerging construction standard that requires buildings to use an extremely low amount of energy for their heating and cooling needs. This approach captures an in depth understanding of a buildings science, by dramatically reducing society’s energy consumption it radically reduces our carbon emissions.  To meet these standards buildings are insulated to the point of being virtually airtight.  Heating requirements are primarily satisfied through passive solar gain and the energy produced by people and electrical equipment. In New York City, buildings contribute to an estimated 75% of greenhouse gas emissions – an overwhelming amount to say the least.

 So what exactly is a passive house window?

Most energy-conserving windows fall into the category of double glazed windows. Zola’s passive house windows have three panes of glass, significantly increasing the insulating power.

Passive Houses are extremely air-tight and well-insulated – it is impossible to achieve this in a building without extremely well crafted windows.


The Zola Arctic
The Zola Thermo Clad
Zola’s Passive House windows are:
  • Airtight
  • Highly insulating
  • Available with high SHGC glass

Passive House benefits?

  • Extremely energy efficient, using up to 90% less energy for heating/cooling than conventional buildings
  • Very comfortable due to more uniform interior temperatures
  • Outstanding indoor air quality due to a continuous supply of fresh air
  • Reduced carbon footprint through reduced energy consumption