Sliding Windows VS Hinged Windows

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At Adler Windows we offer a variety of window designs and brands to our customers. We strive to satisfy all of our customers New York window needs by providing a wide range of window styles for their project. To aid you in your decision regarding your New York replacement windows, we have provided the advantages of two different categories of windows, sliding and hinge. After reviewing the wonderful benefits of both types of replacement windows you will have a better idea of what you want for your home.

Sliding Window Advantages

–    Sliding windows are easy to operate. All you have to do is release the lock latch and slide the window open.

–    Very Durable. Sliding windows do not require pulleys to open therefore they are less likely to need repairs.

–    Convenient and easy to clean.

–    Most sliding windows come with glazing which helps improve your homes insulation and reduces the amount of UV rays that stream into your home.

Types: Double Hung | Horizontal

Hinged Window Advantages
–    Since a hinged window has a screen on the inside and opens outward, it allows better air flow through the home because they capture more breezes.

–    The types of locks found on hinged windows are more difficult for intruders to break in, which improves the security to your home.

–    Awning hinged windows have hinges at the top which allow them to stay open when its raining.

–    Great if you enjoy lots of sunlight flowing through the rooms in your home.

Types: Casement | Hopper | Tilt & Turn | Awning