How to Reduce Noise Pollution In Your Home

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New York City, famously known as the city that never sleeps by 50 million tourists a year, notoriously known as the city that never sleeps by its 8 million residents.

Every year there are more than 143,000 noise complaints logged in New York City, this breaks down to one complaint every four minutes. According to the New Yorker, the biggest culprits keeping us up at night are car horns, music, bars, restaurants, boisterous people, barking dogs, and sirens, but to name a few. And people often wonder why New Yorkers don’t get enough sleep! The number one cause for noise infiltrating homes and offices is faulty windows. The increase of condensation, air, and dirt in a home are key signs of the exterior of the windows breaking down, which ultimately leads to the increase of noise that one will succumb to.


More often than not, a simple repair may fix the issue. However, noise, dirt, and condensation are all signs of an even bigger problem that will inevitably lead to a window replacement. Although it may sound like a scary task, replacing the windows in your New York City apartment or office space is not as difficult as you think, and doing it sooner rather than later can end up saving you a substantial amount of money. With advanced technology, new manufacturing processes and the high demand, window replacement in NYC is now more effortless and cost friendly than ever.  Swap out your single pane window for a double or triple glazed window today and notice the world of difference. Replacing the windows in your property will not only save you money on bills and window repairs in the long run, but it will also increase in the value of your property.


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