Quick Energy Efficiency Fixes: Farmingdale High School in New York Given Replacement Windows

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As the harsh winter moves closer and closer (and our wallets get tighter and tighter), everyone is looking for ways to save money. For Farmingdale High School in New York replacement windows are #1 on the to-do list.

Few people realize how much money is wasted through inefficient windows; economists estimate that heating bills can be reduced by 3% to 18% just by replacing drafty windows! Though the cool nights of Autumn give us relief from the treacherous summer months, we often forget that the brisk breezes will soon give way to frigid, gusty winds of Winter. The cold weather and icy precipitation carried in on the backs of these winds penetrate through our parkas just as they penetrate through old inefficient windows! That’s why it’s so important for schools and businesses to focus on improving energy efficiency through projects like this New York replacement windows plan.

Following the lead of multiple other school districts in the United States, Farmingdale High School in New York had replacement windows installed starting this past summer. As with most homeowners around the country, window replacement is often one of the last considerations one makes as far as home improvement goes. Unless a mischievous neighborhood kid throws a baseball through the kitchen window, we often forget that we could actually be throwing money away just by paying to heat a home that’s poorly insulated!

With taxpayers in mind, the superintendent of Farmingdale High School in New York said replacement windows would be a cost-effective change to make: the dual glaze on the windows will protect it from drafts in the winter, while the UV protection will prevent the building from being overly hot in the summer months.