Play Time Can Mean Window Repair Time in Manhattan

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“Why don’t you kids go outside and play for a change?!” How many times did you hear your mother, at wit’s end, yell that phrase at you in your youth? If she was anything like mine, and if you behaved anything like I did as a young boy, then probably all the darn time. Mothers know best, right? So we put down the Nintendo/Sega controllers and went out to terrorize the neighborhood in whatever way we saw fit.


OK, so we didn’t actually head out there with the overt purpose of rabble-rousing, but it inevitably happened. Boys will be boys, right? Most of the time we were outside we’d just break out the skates, sticks and nets and play some street hockey. We were just having a good time playing a little asphalt puck, but accidents do happen.


One stray slap shot with a little too much mustard on it can easily equal a broken window. Same goes for a tennis ball ripped foul in a game of stick ball. It’s a shame when something like that happens, but it inevitably will in the cramped confines of New York.


If your building has been victimized, as it were, by some kids just having fun, give us a call and we’ll get to work on awindow repair in your Manhattan residency or office building. The need to have the damage done by that stray puck or ball is immediate, especially at this time of year with the heaters running.


Adler specializes in repairing and replacing broken windows in NYC buildings and understands the time-sensitive nature of such projects, but we also know that you need the job done right. Get in touch with us if you have a window problem on your hands and we’ll get you the New York replacement windows you need installed properly and quickly.