NYC Council and Mayor Bill De Blasio Vote For Citys Green New Deal

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Climate Mobilization Act
On Thursday, April 18th, NYC passed a pioneering package of bills knows as Green New Deal.

The Climate Mobilization Act which is being hailed as New York Citys Green New Deal was introduced by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and was passed by the city council on April 18th with a vote of 45 to 2. This legislation intends to reduce New York’s emissions by 40% by 2030 and a whopping 80% by 2050.

One of the bills known as the “Dirty Buildings Bill,” will require any buildings of more than 25,000 square feet to retrofit where possible, this, of course, will include windows and insulation in order to increase energy efficiency. Landlords who don’t adapt their buildings could face fines of up to millions of dollars per year. Some notable landmarks to be affected by this bill will include Trump Tower, Empire State Building, and One World Trade Center. Some buildings that will be somewhat exempt from the legislation include non-profits, hospitals, religious sites, rent-controlled housing, and residential buildings of less than four stories.

According to Curbed, the city estimates as much as $4 billion could be spent on retrofitting buildings and environmental advocates say the bill could create more than 40,000 jobs as the retrofitting projects roll out.

De Blasio’s office released a statement noting that if the legislation passes the city will no longer allow all-glass facades in new construction unless they meet strict performance guidelines, making inefficient glass facades a thing of the past. Mayor de Blasio specified that achieving this ban on inefficient buildings will involve changing the city’s energy codes. “So literally to get a building permit to build you have to be in conformance with the energy code. And we’re going to make very clear that the kind of the glass and steel buildings of the past, and some bluntly were being built very recently, are just not going to be allowed anymore,” he said in a recent press conference.

Mark Chambers, director of the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, said that this plan doesn’t mean the buildings can’t use glass anymore.“A perfect example is the American Copper Building right behind us, it’s kind of shaped like the backward K, you know, that building does use glass but it also uses other materials and it uses high-performance glass to make sure that the building is actually working to the benefit of our emissions reductions,” he said at the press conference.

The mayor expects the bill to be passed this year and for implementation to happen quickly. He said the city needs to allow time for the codes to be rewritten and for them to go into effect.

As noted by Grist, the bundle of 10 bills will keep the city in line with the Paris climate agreement that President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of. According to Committee for Environmental Protection Chair Costa Constantinides, it will result in the equivalent of taking more than one million cars off the road by 2030.  “This package of bills will be the single largest carbon reduction effort in any city, anywhere, not just New York City, that has been put forward,” said Constantinides.

This is an ambitious and aggressive plan to change New York City for the better and to create a ton of jobs whilst doing so. Share with us your thoughts on NYC’s Green New Deal below.

As this is an ongoing story Adler Windows will add to the above post as more actions roll out.