New York Windows: What Causes Heat Loss

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Many people consider it a luxury that New Yorkers get a thorough experience of all four seasons. However, between the cold chills of winter and the blistering heat in summer, the harsh effects of our weather can really take a toll on the quality and lifespan of our buildings exteriors. As temperatures begin to drop, now is the ideal time to start preventing the cool temperatures from barging into your home causing extreme heat loss.  Below are the various causes you need to look out for if your home is feeling slightly more chilly this fall!!

Air Leakage 

Air Leakage is arguably the biggest contributor to heat loss from existing windows, particularly in older or badly installed windows.  Fixed windows tend to lose less heat, while larger windows leak less air per unit area. Windows with bad seals enable air to flow between the window frame, glass and wall. Warm air flows to cooler air and thus windows that leak will allow warm air to escape outside.


Approximately 2/3 of the energy lost from a standard window is caused when radiation occurs through the glazing. The inside pane of a double-glazed unit absorbs heat from the room and transmits it through both conduction and convection (see below), to the cooler outside pane.


When the warm air from the inside of the home hits the glass and frame of the window, the heat energy is transferred through the window and gradually warms up the glass. During that time, the cold air from the outside touches the warming glass and heat is transferred to the outside air.


A  small amount of heat is lost through convection between the insulation glazing sheet. As the warm air rises it is replaced by cooler air and therefore sets up a convection current which transfers heat from the inner pane through to the outer pane(s).

An efficient New York window will try to eliminate all of the above types of heat transfers by using strong seals, different types of glass panes and high-grade products that could potentially reduce your heating costs by hundreds of dollars a year !! Installation is just as important as these qualities, ensuring you have a professional installer replacing your windows should always be a top priority. Adler Windows can offer you both, windows that minimize all forms of heat loss and installers who have more than thirty years experience! Contact our team today to ensure you and your family have stay warm this fall !