My Windows Don’t Work! What do I do?

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The need to repair or replace your windows is an inevitable occurrence in a New Yorkers life. It typically occurs with a slight panic attack one Saturday afternoon as you realize that breeze is coming into your apartment through a minor crack in your window pane, or on a sunny Sunday morning when you find out your window is jammed shut. Don’t worry, fixing your windows has become one of the most simple tasks in NYC. As the experts in window installations and repairs, we have compiled a list below of the key signs that you windows are broken and you need to call an expert ASAP.

Rotting Wood – If the window frame, sash or muntins begin to rot, this will result in an increase of air escaping and infiltrating the room. Exposure to water, humidity and unfortunately old age, all cause wood to deteriorate.

Broken Panes – Have you noticed cracks, scratches or chips in your window pane? If so, you need to repair the window immediately as weather, bangs and abrasive cleaners can all cause the cracks to spread. Windows that are cracked will no longer work efficiently as cold air will get in, warm air will escape and you will soon notice the increase of dirt and dust.

Broken Seals – When the seals in your window begin to crack or deteriorate, you will note a fogginess effect in your window pane along with condensation and streaks. As this worsens overtime it begins to affect your window frame, sash and muntins.

Stiff Windows – Windows that are hard, or impossible, to open or close can often be a side affect of dirt and grime build up, wear and tear or the actual sash itself being painted shut.

Depending on the extent of the issue, your window may be uneligible for repair and may need to be replaced. This in the long run has many benefits including an increase in the value of your property, it will save you money long term and your windows will be more energy efficient. To learn more about Window Replacements visit our post Window Replacements Made Easy.  Call one of the Adler Windows Experts today and book your complimentary consultation.