Keep Your Tenants Warm And Your Utilities Low This Fall

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As a Landlord or a Super, you have the responsibility of keeping your rental properties maintained, comfortable and efficient.  Doing so will also help save on utilities, regardless of who pays them. Likewise, tenants have a responsibility to take care of the space they are renting.  Landlords, Supers and Tenants can all benefit when they work together to improve a property’s heating efficiency. Now that Pumpkin Spiced Lattes are being advertised on every corner it can only mean one thing, temperatures in NYC are about to drop !! Now is the ideal time to reevaluate your property and ensure it is heating-efficient before the harsh chills of Autumn set in.

Properties that are not properly insulated lose lots of heat during the winter, causing energy bills to skyrocket. While you may winterize your home by adding insulation to your pipes, making draft snakes for your doors, or by giving your old insulation a boost, windows often go overlooked. However, there are some ways that you can better insulate your windows so you aren’t throwing money away. Below are some useful tips on improving the temperature control in your building.

Repair Air Leakages


This is one of the most common sources of heat loss as drafty doors and windows can suck the heat right out of any space. If you notice an unexpected breeze or draft then you more than likely have a leak. To find an air leak, take a lit candle and trace it along the edges of all your windows and doors, if the candle flickers, or the smoke wisps away, you’ve found a leak.

The best solution for an air leak is to call a professional repair team as the leakage may be a sign of a much larger issue. If your window has more damage than you may realize, it may cost you less in the long run to have them replaced ASAP, rather than repairing them today and having to spend more money on replacing them in a couple of month’s time.

Replace Your Old Windows


While replacing your existing windows with new windows might seem expensive upfront, the savings on your heating bill will be worth the investment if your windows are starting to experience wear and tear. If your existing windows have warped and no longer fit their frames, the wood has started to rot, or the window is cracked, biting the bullet and installing new windows can save you time and, more importantly, money.

Install Low-e Window Films


Low-e films, or low-emissivity films, have a special metallic coating that reduces the transfer of infrared heat between the interior and exterior window panes. Unlike others, low-e films are attached directly to the window pane instead of the frames. This means that there is no pocket of air between the film and the window itself.

Because your windows can cause you to lose expensive heat, paying special attention to them can be the difference between expensive and inexpensive heating bills. Depending on the solutions that work for your windows, you could end up saving a significant amount of money on your heating costs every year.  Contact one of the Adler Experts today for your no obligation free consultation and repair/replace your windows before it is too late!