Introducing the new MARVIN, with Brett Boyum – Vice President of Brand & User Experience

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Marvin Windows and Doors, a 115-year-old company with brands such as Marvin, Integrity and Infinity, will from now on be known as simply “Marvin.” As the company undergoes a strategic rebrand, and as proud Marvin dealers for over 30 years, we caught up with Brett Boyum, Vice President of Brand & User Experience at Marvin, to learn about the exciting rebrand designed to simplify product discovery and user experience.

Adler Windows: Tell how you joined the Marvin family?

Brett Boyum: An old manager of mine who went on to work with Marvin hired me as a Marketing Communications Manager in 1997. In 2002 I was promoted to Director of Marketing and in 2011 I transitioned into the role of Vice President of Marketing as my old manager was retiring. In December of last year, I was honored to take on the role of Vice President of Brand & User Engagement.

AW: What sets Marvin apart from other brands?

BB: I think are a lot of traits that set us apart, but some notable key aspects would be: our commitment to our customers and our employees, our attention to detail with every product, and our consistency in creating high-quality products. I think when you have been around for as long as us, people recognize that these aspects have been a part of our DNA since day one. 

AW: Marvin is currently undergoing a rebrand – tell us more about this.

BB: When Paul Marvin was appointed to CEO in 2017, he really defined our purpose as being more than just a manufacturer. There was a lot of work and time spent on defining Marvin’s key values, as our brand strategy is all about purpose. He wanted Marvin to evolve, and to not only imagine but to create better ways of living. Having multiple brands like Marvin Windows and Doors and Integrity under the Marvin “roof” did not convey this. We found multiple brands to be confusing for customers – now everything is simplified to enhance the user experience. Rebranding was never, and should never, be about changing a logo or a website – it should be about evolving the brand and its meaning for the customer.  

AW: What would you consider the biggest trends in the industry at the moment?

BB: Modern design – this trend has been around for a while, but narrow frames, bigger glass, contrasting colors and simple hardware is currently at its peak.  Personalization – providing the customer with the ability to make a space or product about them and aiding them in transforming their vision into a reality. Experience – creating a product that is not just a structure but adds to how the customer lives their everyday life. 

AW: What do you consider the biggest challenge for a fenestration company in today’s world where the competition is at an all-time high?

BB: Educating the customer so they understand the value of a product over a price comparison. We need our clients to think of windows as products of their environment and understand that there is a huge difference in quality and design among different manufacturers. In today’s world, we are shaped by other huge brands such as Amazon and Apple, especially in terms of user experience. Only being compared to your direct competitors is now a thing of the past.    


AW: What would you consider your biggest professional achievement to date?

BB: Most definitely this rebrand. It is because Marvin is such an established and well-respected brand and the rebrand is about evolving the company, the brand and modernizing the Marvin legacy. 

AW: Has there been any major influences in your career? A mentor perhaps?

BB: I certainly have a few mentors from throughout my career and I am very fortunate to still be in touch with the person who hired me here at Marvin. I also look for opportunities online, for example podcasts, where I can be mentored by people who I may never meet but can still offer great advice. 

AW: What advice would you give to someone who is currently trying to make it in the industry?

BB: Always be curious, and always be ready to ask the next question.

AW: One last question, what is your favorite thing about working at Marvin?

BB: The people, by far! Everyone at Marvin shares a common passion for the company. We inspire and we motivate each other on a daily basis.


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