Why is quality window installation so important?

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Proper installation is paramount for optimal window performance, you could have the best windows in the world but they would not perform correctly with poor installation. Cracks, rotting and mould build up are only a few signs that your windows were poorly installed and now is time to call in the experts. Adler Windows have been installing windows throughout New York City for more than 30 years and we have witnessed first-hand the importance of quality window installation. 


One of the main reasons we install windows in the first place it to keep out the harsh weather effects. Correct window installation will form a continuous water barrier between the window and the wall. Without this barrier, water will penetrate through the window causing unwanted gaps and cracks. The buildup of unwanted moisture can often affect your property’s structural integrity and lead to unwanted side-effects such as muold.  With Adler’s experience and unique installation techniques your property will be as weather tight as possible, leading to an increase in comfort levels. 

Energy Efficiency 

Windows must complement the wall’s air barrier. Even tiny cracks around the window frame can lead to increased air infiltration and substantial heat/energy loss. A quality window installation will reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer, resulting in increased energy efficiency.  This will also result in saving thousands of dollars over a number of years. 


Condensation between the window panes is one of the top reasons why people replace their windows. Windows must complement the wall’s vapor barrier to prevent moisture from passing around the frame. If vapor condenses on cold surfaces between the frame and the wall, rotting will ultimately follow.  In many cases, people think it’s a problem with the window itself, but in fact 90% of the time it stems from poor installation. 

With Adler Windows you won’t have to worry about rot, mold, and mildew in your living spaces. Properly installed windows can eliminate these health risks and improve your home’s indoor air quality. Never settle for anything less than professionally installed windows!

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