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The thoughts of making changes within the home can quite often be seen as a very stressful experience, especially when trying to replace something that turned faulty out of the blue. As most homeowners know, everything will need repairing or replacing at some time or another. Next time you are looking to do some refurbishing why not make the smart choice and choose an aspect of your home or office that will not only add value to your property, but also save you money in the long run.

El Barrios Artspace PS109

Adler Windows Project: El Barrio’s Artspace PS109 215 E 99th St, New York, NY 10029

Window replacement is very rarely the first thing that comes to mind when planning to update any type of space. I have no doubt that other improvement projects such as floor replacement or room remodeling sound much more exciting. However, the benefits to replacing your windows are endless, especially when living in a busy city like New York.

So what are New York replacement windows? These are ultimately custom built windows constructed to fit exactly where your old window used to reside. These windows are built to fit perfectly so that the exterior and interior of your home will not suffer any damage when installing. Most of these custom windows are installed using what we call ‘retrofit’, this process enables us to replace the actual window without disturbing the original frame. A much quicker, smoother and cheaper process!

Adler Windows Construction845 West End Ave

The Adler Windows team working on a project in the Upper East Side.

Replacing windows with the help of a professional window replacement company has become the most efficient and cost effective option here in NYC. With advances in both window technology and the manufacturing process, the price of replacing windows has decreased dramatically over the last 10-20 years. You can replace any type of old windows with new vinyl, fiberglass, metal or wood windows, these newer options are also far more energy efficient. You can save up to 25 percent on heating and cooling costs just by replacing your old windows. You can also opt to receive a tax credit when installing certain types of energy efficient windows.  Alongside the benefits of cost and energy efficiency, the aesthetics of your house will improve significantly. With clean modern windows the value on your property will instantly increase.

The key to effective window replacement is to know when to replace them before it is too late. Yes repairing is a quick fix and ideal when the issue is minor however, long term it is going to end up costing you much more, which could mean no room remodeling! Below are a list of key signs that mean you need to look into replacing your windows ASAP.

  • Your glass pane is broken or multiple windows are severely cracked.
  • You are unable to move the window to open or close it.
  • The muntins which separates and holds the panes of glass together are rotting away or starting to split.
  • The adhesive that holds the glass panes to the mutin, often referred to as putty, is missing in places or becoming brittle.
  • The drip, an exterior shield that’s above the window, is deteriorating.
  • You have started to notice the increase of water leakage, a new draft or excessive dirt/dust in your home.
  • The trim is loose, cracked, rotting or altogether missing from the exterior window.

Repairing old windows can become quite costly and a rather time-consuming endeavor. Many old windows are cracked, rotted and are not that energy efficient. Trying to repair them may become a bigger hassle than simply replacing the windows with the help of a professional window replacement company, along with the effects of a full replacement lasting years longer than a repair.

It is always best to call a window installation expert like Adler Windows. We will be able to inform you of the best decision for your property be it repair or replacement. Adler Windows is a family owned and operated New York window contractor specializing in occupied residential and commercial window installations for more than 30 years. Founded and operated under the core principals of Choice of Product, Superior Installations, and Unparalleled Service. We have become New York’s first choice for quality window installations. Don’t waste time, why not contact us today and speak with one of our experts!