Does Your Window Replacement Company Do Casement Windows?

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As a window replacement company, we have a wide variety of window types. One of the windows styles we often install in buildings across the Manhattan area is the casement window. If you haven’t heard of casement windows, think of older residential British homes. The casement window was the most popular style of windows in England before sash windows were invented in the late 17th century. Today, they accompany a wide variety of building designs including Swedish and Danish inspirations and are sought after for their aesthetic charm.


A casement window is one of three windows that are attached to a frame hinges. The purpose of the hinge is to allow the window to open out. The three types of windows are the casement window, the awning window, and the hopper window. The difference between the three is that while the casement window is connected to the sides of a frame, an awning is attached at the top and a hopper window is connected to the bottom. Casement windows usually open through the use of a crank that also functions as a lock.


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